Keep these things in mind to keep your social media account secure.

Social media has made its own place in people’s lives. There are some people who do not complete the day without using social media, but it is important to always be aware of the fraud and cybercrime that occur while using social media. Therefore, do not do something so that you have to suffer the brunt. Like nowadays easily anyone’s account is hacked. Users can protect themselves from all these things by taking care of a few things.

1. Read the instructions

You should carefully read the rules or community guidelines on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc. This will help to keep your account secure. Also, you will be able to get new information about social media.

2. Do not use third party app

When you install an app in your mobile, many applications, software, websites etc. give you the option to login with a social media account. You may have thought many times to press the login button with Facebook, but it can become a big problem for you. To avoid this, you take the ID and information about that app or website, which you do not feel safe, remove it immediately. No, there may be a risk of account being hacked.

3. Be Aware

Many times we see some posts on social media that do not look right, but still, we ignore them. This is our biggest mistake. We should not ignore such posts.

You should report the information of such post. This will be beneficial for you as well as the rest of the people. By doing this you can secure multiple people at once. Apart from this, you can also report fake IDs so that ID can be deleted.

4. Take care of privacy

Have you ever noticed that what you are sharing on social media is being seen by everyone? If you do not want everyone to see the photos, files and other things you have shared, take care of the privacy settings.

When creating an account, first make the settings related to privacy so that your things do not fall into the wrong hands.

5. Create strong password

It is very important to protect yourself when using any social media platform. For this, first create a strong and different password. This is such a thing, without which you cannot open your account. For this reason, create a password that is difficult for a hacker to think of and cannot easily break it. This will keep your social media account safe and no personal information will be able to go out.

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