If your smartphone also hangs frequently, then follow these important tips

Nowadays smartphones have become an important part of our Genev. We have to do most of our work through mobile, but the problem increases when the phone hangs while doing some essential work. Today we will tell you some similar tips. After which your phone will never hang.

To save your phone from hang, the most important thing is to keep at least apps in your phone. Due to more apps in the phone, the phone hangs or works very slowly.

– To save the phone from hanging, you must first go to the phone’s Google Play stores. After this, click on the three dots made in it.

– After clicking, go to Settings and click on Auto update option
Please do.

– After this, you will see three options. From these, you have to click on Do not auto update app.- To prevent the phone from hanging, you have to go to the settings of the mobile.
After going to the settings, click on the phone about you. Now you will see the build number. Click on it 6-7 times.

– After clicking, go to the developer option and turn it on.

– After turning on the option, many more options will open before you.

Out of these options, Window Animation Zoom, Transition Animation Scale Animator Duration Scale shut down all three.

-Delete cache data. If your phone is slow and is hanging too much, then the biggest reason for this is that you do not delete the catch data in your phone, due to which your phone is getting hanged, so you first catch data in your mobile. It is very necessary to delete it. The biggest advantage of this is that the space will increase in your mobile and your mobile will not be slow or hang or you will be able to see the option which is visible in everyone’s mobile. Apart from this, your biggest advantage is that your battery consumption will also be reduced and your mobile will not be slow.

-Turn off background apps. You should never leave the background apps open in your mobile, because of this, your battery backup which costs more and your mobile starts to be slow and hang, so you can uninstall the background apps from your mobile immediately to avoid causing this problem. Make it so that the battery backup of your mobile will be saved and together the mobile will not be your hang.

-Turn off software or unused apps. Usually when all of us use smartphones, we keep many types of apps in our mobiles and we use them at times, due to which our battery consumption becomes very high and due to which our mobile is slow and hanging. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should immediately delete all the apps which are not working in your mobile, this will increase the number of spaces in your mobile and will also avoid your mobile hang and questions.

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