How to charge mobile without electricity? When there is no electricity?

You may have never heard that we can charge our mobiles anywhere without electricity and that too can charge as fast as electricity, so let’s know how to charge mobile

We can charge our mobile without electricity, there are many methods which provide us the facility to charge mobile without electricity. If at any time there is a power outage at our house and our phone is in such a state that it can be switched off at any time, then we can charge the mobile from our computer or laptop at that time, for this you will need the cable of the mobile charger You should use it and as soon as you connect the cable connected to the computer in your mobile, it gives two three options in front of you, you have to leave the two options and choose only the option that says to charge the mobile, then you have to click on that option.

After leaving, your mobile will be charged in the same state in which electricity is charged, then you must try this easy trick, so that you can try this trick if you ever have a problem, there is no harm to the mobile phone. It happens. Apart from this, you can use solar energy in case of no electricity, mobile charging is also done with solar power system of solar energy, it is a simple process, it takes time to charge a little mobile, so you can use it in the rainy season. Can be used.

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