Google’s new feature will come soon.

Google’s new preparations will soon have earthquake warning devices. Now preparations are being made to alert you before the earthquake. To avoid earthquake catastrophe, a plan is already being made to keep you safe and Google is preparing to do it all. According to the news, Google has said that Android is teaming up with the US Geological Survey to send earthquake alerts to the device. According to Google, soon a feature will come that will inform you before the earthquake.

Google said in a blog post – The risk of natural disasters worldwide is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, we thought that the help of Android device can be taken. In an earthquake-like situation, people can be alerted a few seconds in advance to help keep them and their family safe.

The company has said that Android phones can be converted into mini seismometers to send advance signals to earthquake detection and warning systems.

Google has said in a blog post that we are calling it Android Earthquake Alerting System. The company said that the smartphones come with small accelerometers. Those who can feel the earthquake, as well as the company stated that it is also able to detect the P wave which is the first P wave after the earthquake has started and is much higher than the subsequent S wave. Are less dangerous. If the phone is believed to be the cause of the earthquake, it will immediately give a signal to Google’s earthquake detection server. Also, where earthquake-like symptoms are seen, a location will also be sent.

After this, the server will combine the information received from the rest of the phone and try to understand if an earthquake is actually occurring. Let me tell you that California will start sending alerts. In California, an alert shake alert from Android to the phone will be sent through the earthquake early warning system. After California, this feature will start worldwide and if everything goes well then Android users in India will soon be able to use this feature.


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