How to increase battery life of smartphone

Battery is an essential part of any smart phone as it can be difficult to do anything in the phone when the battery is discharged. Although the life of the lithium-ion battery has increased slightly since the present time, but in view of some common things we can get good performance from the battery.

Keep software updated

Keep your device’s software updated, having features like adaptive brightness and adaptive battery increases battery life. To keep the software updated, the apps do not over-burn the battery, as well as having adaptive brightness, the light from the light adjusts itself to the brightness of the phone.

Charge on short durations

Most phones these days have a lithium ion battery, which is good for short charging. That is why don’t wait for the phone to be fully discharged to charge it. As the battery life is reduced. That’s why try to keep the battery between 50 and 80 percent.
Use a standard charger
Better than a smartphone is charging only with standard charging instead of wireless charging technology or cast charging technology. It’s not that fast charging is bad, but charging a lithium ion battery slowly would be good.

Do not overheat the battery

Be sure to keep your device in a position that does not overheat, as it affects battery life. In addition, the performance of the battery decreases when overheated.

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