Changes in the Usage of Aadhar Card

At present, Aadhaar card is used mainly as a person’s identity in government work or any other work. Now, the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) has issued a warning about Aadhaar card.

If you have laminated your Aadhar card from a shop or are using it as a plastic card, be aware. Because now UIDAI has issued a warning. According to media reports, UIDAI has declared the public laminate Aadhaar card or plastic smart card / PVC card invalid. UIDAI said that the plastic base or support smart card / PVC card is not valid.

According to the report, UIDAI says that if you have a plastic Aadhar card then this card is ‘useless’. UIDAI stated that QR code is dysfunctional due to unotherthide printing of plastic base. It also fears theft of private information. Your personal information may be shared without your knowledge.

UIDAI states that Rs 50 to Rs 300 is being charged for printing on a plastic or PVC sheet. Which is inappropriate. UIDAI advises people to avoid shops or people in this way and to avoid fraud in any way. UIDAI said that the support and support downloaded on a regular paper other than the original support are completely valid.

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