WhatsApp chatting is about to change completely.

Friends WhatsApp chatting is about to change completely. WhatsApp is going to bring a lot of new features for its users. I have already told you about a feature. Friends, WhatsApp will bring features that will completely change the experience of chatting. If you like the post, then definitely follow us.


The first feature in the Friends list is the Multi Device Support or Linked Device feature. So far, you can run WhatsApp in just one mobile from a number. But after the linked device feature comes, you can run WhatsApp in more than 10 different mobiles from one number. You do not even need to log out of WhatsApp. Chat together will show on every mobile. Now if you change mobile, your chat gets deleted.

Friends, the next feature is to stop fake news. In India, fake news spreads very easily through WhatsApp. The government had asked WhatsApp to work on it. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp will bring a search glass icon. Touching this search glass will know what is the original source of the WhatsApp message and is it right or wrong?

Friends, if we share a link on WhatsApp, when we click it, it opens in another browser. Now a browser will be brought in the WhatsApp app itself, so that the user does not have to search outside WhatsApp. All the facilities will now be available in WhatsApp itself.

Friends, we use different apps like Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pay for making payments right now. WhatsApp is going to bring a payment system in WhatsApp to give more convenience to its users. Now a WhatsApp user can send money and ask for money from the app itself. WhatsApp is coming very soon with the UPI feature

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